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3D Soundbath: All you need to know

3D Soundbath is a 3D audio app which can support you during meditation, yoga, sleeping, relaxing and many other situations. The special thing about this app is that these sounds (singing bowls, rainstick, ocean drum, wind chimes, bells, nature sounds, music from Orchestral Meditations, etc.) are made 3 dimensional.

This means that you hear the sounds on the left, right, front and back but also above and below you. An ultimate experience for the listener, a bath of sounds! To achieve the best experience, it’s important that you wear earplugs or headphones when using the app. It works with every headphone and/or earplugs and every Apple or Android device!


Some tracks contain binaural frequencies. Research has discovered that when a certain tone enters your one ear (for example: 100 Hz) and a slightly higher or lower tone enters your other ear (for example: 110 Hz), it seems that the small difference between the two tones causes the brain to generate a third note which has multiple beneficial effects on your brain.*


3D Soundbath can support you with:


– Depression

– Anxiety

– Stress


– Pain

– Mood swings or negative emotions, such as sadness, irritability, anger, self-pity, and heartbreak

– Concentration


The app can also provide:


– Clarity and balance

– Relaxation

– Improved memory

– Improved sleep (both in quality and quantity)

– A stronger immune system

– Improved creativity

– Increased awareness


This app consists of tracks divided into the categories: Relax, Meditation, Sleep, Various, Nature and Orchestral Meditations. So you can always choose what you need at that moment. You can also create your ideal list by marking your favorites. Do you prefer to listen offline? Then download the tracks!


If you want to start using the app, there is a 7-day trial period. During this trial period, you can try all the tracks and features of the app for free. After these 7 days, you will pay a one-time fee when using the app. This amount depends on the App Store or Play Store of your country, for Europe it is € 7.99. After you have paid this amount you can enjoy all the wonderful sounds without any worries.

Previously, we worked with subscriptions. Do you still have a current subscription? Then cancel your subscription in your Google or Apple account, we cannot do this for you.


Questions, tips, requests? Email us: info@3dsoundbath.com


*Link to survey: https://hersencentrum.nl/onderzoek/

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