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What is 3D Soundbath?

3D Soundbath is a 3D audio app which can support you during meditation, yoga, sleeping, relaxing and many other situations. The special thing about this app is that these sounds (singing bowls, rainstick, ocean drum, wind chimes, bells etc.) are made 3 dimensional.

This means that you hear the sounds on the left, right, front and back but also above and below you. An ultimate experience for the listener, a bath of sounds! To achieve the best experience, it’s important that you wear earplugs or headphones when using the app.

You can also listen to nature sounds on the app. Meanwhile, we have had the pleasure of adding beautiful music from Orchestral Meditations. A valuable addition to the app!

It works with every headphone and/or earplugs and every Apple or Android device!

New to the app: no more subscription required! After a 7-day trial period, you can enjoy all the wonderful sounds after a one-time payment!

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We believe that distraction comes in many forms and 3D audio can help you fight those distractions

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